Thursday, May 11, 2017

San Bernardino County Apple Valley and Adelanto are promoting Industrial Uses which Spurs Growth

Apple Valley Industrial Growth Low land costs in business friendly city has created fertile ground for industrial developers. Part of this growth is the logistics airport that brings in commerce. Walmart is developing a 370k square foot structure near the SCLA airport and it is partly leased already Adelanto lenient to marijuana Adelanto’s population is around 33,000. It is 50 percent Latino and 30 percent African-American, and roughly 40 percent of the population lives below the poverty line The city late last year officially expanded its medical marijuana cultivation and manufacturing zone, while the mayor opposed it. Since measure R passed the zone where medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and testing can occur was increased by 160 acres to zones marked “light industrial.” They did this by approving the second reading of an ordinance passed earlier. The Council has increased the overall zone to up to 500 acres. This new extension is near the Air Expressway and Yucca Rd. The voter approved 5 percent excise tax, Measure R, to commercial recreational activities as well, in wake of the passage of California’s Proposition 64, which legalized recreational pot. The mayor is very opposed to it. He is quoted in the Victor Valley Press “I can assure you right now that every vote that comes out of my mouth on recreational, to grow in our city (commercially), will be a nay answer,” Kerr said.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Here are a few City of Palmdale Projects Under Review for Approval

Tentative Tract Map (TTM) 62333 Time Extension (TE) No. 1; is a request for a three-year time extension to develop approximately 7 acres into 22 single-family residential lots and one detention basin lot between Avenue R and Avenue R-4, Tentative Parcel Map (TPM) 74425 and Conditional Use Permit (CUP) 16-010; applications by HRES Palmdale, LLC, to subdivide 9.1 acres into two commercial lots and to construct a convenience store with an accessory car wash and fuel canopy consisting of two buildings to be located at the northwest corner of Palmdale Boulevard and 40th Street East. Tentative Tract Map (TTM) 60732 Time Extension (TE) No. 2; an application by The Epic Companies, requesting a second and final three-year discretionary time extension to subdivide 9.8 acres into 28 single-family residential lots located east of 20th Street West and 660 feet south of Avenue P-8. The development of a 56-duplex condominium project has been proposed for APN 3009-001-900. The 9.9 acre project area is located at the southeast corner of Taintor Road and Division Street in the City of Palmdale. General Plan Amendment (GPA) 15-002, Zone Change (ZC) 15-002, Tentative Tract Map (TTM) 73740, and Site Plan review (SPR) 15-007 are applications for the following items: a) General Plan Amendment 15-002 a request to amend the General Plan Land Use designation on 9.9 acres from SFR-3 (Single Family Residential, 3.1-6 dwelling units per acre) to MR (Medium Residential, 6.1-10 dwelling units per acre); b) Zone Change 15-002 a request to change the Zoning designation on 9.9 acres from R-1-7,000 (Single Family Residential, 7,000 square foot minimum lot size) to R-2 (Medium Residential); c) Tentative Tract Map 73740 a request for a one lot 56 duplex condominium unit subdivision on 9.9 acres; d) Site Plan Review (SPR) 15- 007 a request for multiple family residential use; and e) Density Bonus Agreement The last one above is a zoning change request form R-7000 zoning into Medium Residential Zoning. Building is taking place in Palmdale. You just have to know where to look.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kinkisharyo’s Plant is Showing Growth

Kinkisharyo's is a light rail car assembly facility at Plant 42. It recently celebrated in its production of its 78th rail car for the Los Angeles Metro Authority. This completes their first contract with LA Metro and moves them onto a new beginning. All the manufacturing is done at the Plant 42 plant in Palmdale with about four hundred workers. It is part of an almost billion dollar contract to deliver over 200 rail cars. The recent completion triggers a new phase and new agreement with LA Metro to produce more cars, and to expand the plant. If you recall several years ago there was a big legal disagreement. The unions accused Kinkisharyo of violating environmental acts. This forced the company to consider a move to Phoenix Arizona where other manufacturing is done. The disagreement would have killed jobs in Palmdale, which the city desperately needed. The company felt the union move was ruse by the union to force the company to use its workers. The company decided to drop their factory expansion, but they later won an agreement to use an existing building once operated to make the B-1B bomber. A swords to plowshares change. Additionally the company agreed to not fight unionization. The Palmdale workers are now represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers. This success provides security and jobs in the valley, and it is not just as airplane bomber producing area, but an environmentally conscious area as it is combined with the BYD electric bus manufacturing in Lancaster. This keeps workers in the area, which busts the local economy and areas growth.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

California Marijuana Law may save Insolvent Cities. Lancaster Approves Marijuana Cultivation in City Limits

The city of Lancaster has given the final approval March 2017 in allowing commercial cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, but it banned commercial growing or selling it for recreational use. They approved five as the limit on businesses allowed to grow within the city limits. This will be allowed on Lancaster industrial zoned land according to reports. Places like Desert Hot Springs in the Coachella Valley has been inundated by marijuana growers and developers. Buyers are buying land without utilities or even roads. Some brokers are getting calls from all over the world. The Mayor is all for it. He wants parks, roads, sidewalks and he is looking for the tax revenue to do it. The medium household income is under $35k, and the city declared a financial emergency a few years ago. They have since pushed for dispensaries and cultivation. It seems the city planner will be open to new farmers. Growers in California will be able to apply for state licenses by 2018. The catch is these growers will need to get a local license before the state offers the permit. Will this frenzy also be a growth opportunity to farm land in Antelope Valley? The valley has a long history of farming, so it would be a likely target area and it is closer to customers in Los Angeles than Desert Springs. The city of Lancaster says no currently to recreational use farming, but not sure what LA County approves. There are other issues as some utility firms indicate that the power needs may not be enough in some rural areas, and water is a big issue in southern California. Some of these issues may require an infrastructure study. Perhaps larger operations could use brown water as the water source. There has been a push to use the expansive Antelope Valley as a brown water aquifer. Let nature clean the water and maybe water the buds along the way. Other cities like Cathedral City, and Adelanto have recently accepted applications for growers. The competition for land and permits may spur growth, but first you have to get that permit and then talk to land sellers. Adelanto was also almost insolvent. This seems to be the push for some California cities in desperate need for revenue then they will be lenient with permits. The penalties for cultivating marijuana or operating a grow house illegally (a property used primarily for the cultivation of marijuana) can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Usually the penalties can include heavy fines and incarceration in prison for up to 3 years.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Low Priced Lancaster, Ca. Property for Sale

We have been posting news about Lancaster and Palmdale developments since 2007. Not only do we try to inform our readers about developments in the Antelope Valley we also promote some property with investors we work with. Here are a couple of properties we are happy to submit for prospective investors. These parcels are priced at the low end of the market at recently sold price ranges. This property is located at 40th Street East at H-8. It is zoned RR-1 allowing 2 homes on this 2.5 acre parcel. Asking $50,000 which is commensurate with recent sales. Contact for more information. Images are available The second property is located at 43rd street East at Ave H. It is just under 2 acres fronting on H which is paved with power. The city limits of Lancaster ends at 40th street. There is also a home across the road. Ideal parcel to buy and hold. They are asking only $15,000 which again is similar to recent sales in this area. Contact for more details. Property images are available If you know someone who is interested in promoting on our blog please let us know.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

High Speed Rail Private Property Purchase Right of Way Process

The Cal High Speed Rail has a process regarding how they will buy private property for the planned rail line. Once they target property within their proposed path or alternate path then they begin a property evaluation process. They will put together a design and survey to start the process to prepare a boundary survey with a legal description and appraisal maps. Once this is done they will begin the appraisal, but only after the approval of the approved and alternate routes. Then they will meet with the private property owner and do an appraisal inspection. A surveyor may stake the area and the evaluation may include mitigation to re-establish remainder. Once this is complete they will do an appraisal review with a final approval process. Then an acquisition process begins but after the Notice of Determination (NOD) and (ROD) Record of decision is made. The negotiation initiation is made with the property owner. They may consider new information at this time, and then the final approval process will start. If there is an established farm, home, or business in the path then a relocation process may commence with a 90 day notice. The farm, home or business may get moving expenses paid, or other benefits. If a business can show a loss of business goodwill then that business can file a claim, but they will have to show a burden of proof. This may include tax returns, or other evidence showing income loss due to relocation if applicable. This is all part of their right of way process. If you believe your business or private property is within the path then you should maintain your records of business if you wish to make a claim for a higher value, or a business loss.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Money Is Leaving China

News reports indicated China has tightened capital controls, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Their foreign exchange reserves unexpectedly fell below $3 trillion. There has been a steady drop as it fell by $12.3 billion in January to $2.998 trillion, compared with a drop of $41 billion drop in December. China had lost over $300 billion in 2016, and over $500 billion in 2015. News reports indicate Beijing is concerned at the speed of the outflow. This outflow hurts its ability to defend its own currency. It is possible if the outflow continues then the government will devalue their own currency. The US dollar has been rising and the yuan has dropped by almost 7% since last year. At the same time their gold reserves have increased. What does this mean for the Antelope Valley? Well many Chinese investors are investing in California. There has been a huge influx of Chinese purchases of real estate in San Francisco, Los Angeles and the Antelope Valley. Land is still cheap and it takes no effort to maintain dirt. There has also been interest in farm land to grow traditional agricultural products, as well as, marijuana. Stay tuned. China has lots and lots of money, and California seems to be a nice resting place for their investments.