Thursday, December 3, 2009

Edison Proposes Solar Power Plant outside of Lake Los Angeles

The Antelope Valley Press has reported that Southern California Edison under its power generation division Edison Mission Energy is planning a150 megawatt photovoltaic plant in Antelope Valley, Ca. Edison Mission Energy has solar power operations in Mojave Ca. in Kern County presently. They are looking to expand south into the eastern edge of Los Angeles County at the San Bernardino County line. The proposed site is currently on presently or previously farmed agricultural land near 240th street East at Ave S.

Edison Mission Energy looks like they have targeted previously disturbed land, which should enable them to leap major environmental issues. The request for development has already begun earlier this summer, and they hope for final approval by late 2010. This project also uses photovoltaic technology which doesn’t require water, and the solar panels will only rise a few feet above the ground. It is a strategy that other solar power companies have used that can fast track the process, and limits the environmental impact.

The Wind Farms of Tehachapi and Solar Plants of Mojave, and Lancaster have become a green zone in the new energy economy. These areas were primarily vacant pre-developed land and have increased in value with the housing boom earlier this decade and now a green energy renaissance has begun. Just a decade ago you could buy raw land in these areas for as low as $500 to $1000 an acre, and now even in this current down real estate market the prices have increased a minimum of one hundred percent. Most of this land has been undesirable land for building or development with the rolling hills of Tehachapi and arid desert land in Lancaster far from current development, but now these Alternative Energy Companies and Edison have taken root. These companies are taking advantage of low priced land and looking toward the future. With the potential population growth and the alternative energy development the Antelope Valley’s future is taking shape. We have invested in pre-developed land in these areas and we have taken advantage of the news and development of the area these past five years. We also encourage our investors to take a closer view at similar prudent opportunities.

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