Monday, September 13, 2010

Centennial Touts High Profile Jobs and a Self Sustainable Town in Their Development Plan

Centennial’s recent newsletter indicated they plan to provide 1.3 jobs per household, or approximately 30,000 in all, over its 20-year development period. They indicated that their plan will ultimately cut down on the overall environmental impact of the area by using green technology. In their job creation they hope to attract higher educated professionals and higher wage earners in the scientific, and technical industries, but also to have opportunities for all skill levels.
Centennial commissioned LAEDC ( Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation)
to assist them in locating the best business prospects for the area in the coming years. The LAEDC indicated that construction would be the second highest target job sector. Centennial plans to need approximately 30,000 construction workers just to build the project over the 20 year building process. They are also hoping to attract a large secondary education institution, and a medical facility. In addition, due to the low prices of land in the Antelope Valley they hope to attract manufacturing businesses in the electronic fields. Low priced land and nearby services and facilities with a higher educated workforce should spurn education, healthcare and manufacturing development. Green technology is rapidly growing in Lancaster, Palmdale and Kern Counties with Wind and Solar, so it is already beginning. They expect a multiplier effect where one job produces the need for more jobs and services like retail, community services, and ideally these wage earners will wish to live in Centennial with likely 70,000 jobs created in the area over time. The nearby Tejon Industrial Complex where Hwy 5 and Hwy 99 meet at the bottom of the Grapevine employs one thousand people at IKEA, Oneida, and Famous Footwear, so they have history and success in their past developments.
It looks like Centennial has a real plan to build this upscale city. They intend to complete it slowly and methodically unlike other nearby city planners. We believe that as the development progresses the vacant land in this area will become more desirable and increase in price. We will keep you informed here to the progress in this area and land investment opportunities that arise. This is just another sign that the Antelope Valley shows good long term investment opportunities.

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