Monday, May 14, 2012

Lancaster and Palmdale and Victor Valley Projected Population Growth

The population in the Antelope Valley is now about 440,000 and about 360,000 in Victor Valley. The projected population for the Antelope Valley (including Southern Kern County) is to increase in 2030 to 880,000 while the population at Victor Valley during this period is to grow to 700,000 as both areas rank among the fastest growing in Southern California. The plan for the High Desert Corridor through mid 2013 is to continue the meetings and then to begin the engineering which is projected to begin construction in 2016 and then to complete the roadway in 2020. The tremendous growth in these areas will make this roadway an absolute necessity based on the projected population projections. The City of Lancaster 2000 population was an estimated 118,718 persons, representing a 22 percent increase over the 1990 population of 97,291 persons. As of January 1, 2007, the City’s population was an estimated of 143,818 persons. Population growth is expected to continue in Lancaster, with SCAG estimating that its population will reach 168,032 persons by 2010, 191,912 persons by 2015, 215,468 persons by 2020 and 259,696 persons by 2030.3 This projection would represent a population growth of approximately 80.6 percent between 2007 and 2030. Similar estimates are targeted for Palmdale, Ca also reaching 270,000 by 2030. LA Counties population is projected to increase to 10,718,007 persons by 2010 and 11,501,884 persons by 2020. The sources on population growth are SCAG’s, GAVEA, and Antelope Valley 2030 General Plan. The largest area for Los Angeles County to grow is the Antelope Valley as it hold 49% of the available vacant land in the county. An estimated 1 million population expansion in the next ten years can only take place in Lancaster and Palmdale with any significance. The Population growth alone will increase the demand for housing and land resources. If the Vacant land investor is looking for a 20 year buy and hold then with this growth and inflation then buying land now at current low rates is a great strategy for long term gains. Contact us today for low priced land via our site 213 500-9578 and view our current inventory.

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