Monday, October 1, 2012

There is a Proposal to Expand the Significant Ecological Areas of the Antelope Valley

Significant Ecological areas are areas where there are endangered species of plants and animals. The main endangered animals of the Antelope Valley are the ground squirrel and desert tortoise, while the Joshua Tree and Poppies are the most prominent plants that are endangered in these areas. But there are a number of lesser know endangered species like the burrowing owl, and smaller plant life. These new areas will include an enormous area on Antelope Valley’s North East side from Redman to High Vista and on the west side most of the area will be Fairmount Butte south of Hwy 138 from 140th West to 170th West and south to the mountains. The largest areas in this new proposal will be on the East side south of Edwards Airforce Base almost covering From Hwy 14 to the San Bernardino border from ave H north to the base. Most of these areas are vacant unused land or farmland with little to no development. The eco zone will also run along the wash areas. The three main wash areas where water runs from the San Gabriel Mountains will be included in this proposal. An area that is considered a significant ecological zone allows for limited development. And in some cases no development. If an area is widely used by the desert tortoise then no development will be acceptable, so only mitigation land use will be approved. Some areas near the Joshua tree forest could be developed but will scattered homes without changing the landscape. We have maps of these proposed changes so you can see if your future parcel or current land parcel is within these zones.

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