Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The City of Lancaster is on a Quest to be the “Green City” as far as Energy and Recycling

A private firm, Ecolution plans to build a more than $100 million high-tech automated recycling center in the city of Lancaster instead of sending waste to landfills it reuses and recycles the waste for energy and other purposes. The 100 hundred million is said to come from private financing, and their facility is said to recycle more products than similar facilities in use and there are less labor costs. Mayor R. Rex Paris has been quoted as saying “The City of Lancaster stands to be the first Net-Zero City in America,” “I support innovative public-private partnerships which promote green energy development and maximize our available resources. The long term success of Lancaster hinges on our ability to position ourselves as a leader in alternative energy production.” According to Ecolution’s website, they have a mechanism for sorting trash that they call GreenStream, which separates waste into 20 categories of materials, including recyclables, wet and dry organic fuels, electronic waste, household hazardous waste and inert materials such as rocks, concrete and soil. This allows them the ability to collect 85% of the recyclable material that Lancaster throws away. They can turn this into energy, or a new recycled product. The project is undergoing an environmental impact report, and maybe situated in the Fox Field Enterprise Zone. The city has previously agreed to provide a forty acres area for the facility.

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