Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is Los Angeles County Regional Planning Implementing UN Agenda 21 in Antelope Valley and LA County?

UN Agenda 21 if implemented in its entirety would make George Orwell’s 1984 look like a picnic. Agenda 21 would force all humans into city centers leaving roughly 90% of the US solely inhabited by plants and animals. The agenda 21 map shows most of the US underpopulated. In the darkest sense humans would have to ride treadmills, and bikes to produce their own energy daily. You would get nourishment cubes instead of eating animal and plant by products. There wouldn’t be cars for you just mass transit only within habitable zones, or human powered buses. Part of this Agenda is the need to depopulate the planet from its current 7 billion and projected 10 billion people by 2050. Recently at the World Economic Forum 2014 both Al Gore and Bill Gates agreed that contraception was the key to reducing climate change. As part of Agenda 21 Book by Harriet Park, you would not marry but would be paired with a partner as the government knows better who you should live with and your child will be raised by the government and taken away from you. Sounds impossible right? No it is slowing taking place without your knowledge and may take a catastrophic event of many years to be fully implemented. Both the right and left appose this. The book Agenda 21 by Harriet Park and Glenn Beck outlines what it may look like. Also is another site with the book Behind The Green Mask by Rosa Koire outlining the plan for you. LA Regional planning has a General Plan 2035, and with that they had proposed zoning changes for LA County land in Antelope Valley called Town and Country. They were supposed to have it within the approval process by this year, but it looks like they are delayed. The Town and Country plan would change the zoning in many parts of the AV from Rural Residential and Agricultural currently allowing one home per 2 acres (in most areas). This would change dramatically in the far-east side and west side to one dwelling every 10 to 20 acres. We wrote about these changes a year or so ago. This would mean that many property owners with 2.5 and 5 acre parcels in the County zone would be worthless unless they bought the neighbors parcel to get to 10 acre or more. This looks to be part of UN Agenda 21 which is implemented by ICLEI, ICLEI is an International Association of Local Governments committed to sustainable growth head quartered in Bonn, Germany. Los Angeles County is part of ICLEI. ICLEI is the arm of the UN that bypassed the State and Federal Governments and works directly with local governments on the “sustainable development”, and your current lifestyle is not sustainable. LA Regional Plannings website talks about General Plan 2035 by encouraging infill development, pedestrian-friendly and community-serving uses near transit stops. Their goal is to encourage walking, bicycling, and transit use. They prefer mixed use and high density uses (commercial and residential) development along major commercial corridors near transit stations. They want to expand SEA zones. Significant Ecological Zones. A Significant Ecological Area (SEA) designation is given to land that contains irreplaceable biological resources. This is habitat supporting valuable and threatened species. In addition it would include corridors to promote species movement. Is LA County going to create trail signs for deer and squirrels to roam? Yet a great deal of this land in privately held and the County recognizes that for now. They also want to keep farmland as farmland and not change it to incompatible uses. So, no condos next to the farm. UN Agenda 21 is a very, very scary agenda on your future freedom and civil rights. It is essential for property owners in LA County and within the State to know and understand what this means to you and your family.

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