Sunday, June 1, 2014

Disney Studios Ranch Expansion on Hwy 14 just South of Antelope Valley

Golden Oak Ranch (ABC Studio at the Ranch) is an 890 acres movie ranch owned by Disney. It is meant to serve as a back lot and filming location. It is located off of Placerita Canyon Road in Canyon County. Just last year ABC studio planned to expand the project an additional 58 acres into a new TV and film production studio. The project has been approved by L A County Regional Planning. According to ABC’s studio website the area uses natural settings like forests, creeks, hillsides, meadows, country roads, a lake and farm and prairie sets. The ranch set has been used by numerous movie and TV sets like Bonanza, Electric Horseman, a Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Mad Men (Don Draper’s childhood scenes). The ABC ranch studio offer a permanent studio location that can help the local economies in this area. Additionally, Tejon Ranch Centennial offers Film set opportunities. There have been a number of commercials, TV and films using the desert of Antelope Valley as a back drop. These are featured on a movie set tour, and they were specifically built as movie backdrops. The Viagra commercial with a man in a 1968 Camaro overheating is set at a road side gas station which is called Club Ed. It is located at 150th east at K. This site has been used in other films such as Martin Lawrence’s “Nothing to Lose”. There are three different sets on this stretch of road such as the Easy Rest-Inn used in the film “Eye of the Storm”. Also the “Kill Bill” Church is at 198th East at Ave G. The Terminator movie has a few locations in Antelope Valley, including the last seen at the Super Store, where a boy takes a picture of the Sarah Conner character.

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