Thursday, July 9, 2015

High Desert Corridor Hwy and Railway Has Completed its Environmental Report. Can this Boom the Far East Side of Antelope Valley?

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIS/EIR) for the High Desert Corridor is now available for public review according to the High Desert Corridor website. The final report was to be completed this spring 2015. The overall plan is to build a highway link from Hwy 14 in Los Angeles County to Hwy 18 in San Bernardino County. This potential toll road would cross Hwy 395 and Hwy 15 in Victorville area. The project is expected to cost $4 to $8 Billion. It seems that nothing is cheap in California. The reason to build it is that there is projected to be a great deal of growth in Palmdale, Lancaster, Apple Valley and Victorville in the future. While growth in LA proper may decrease. The project is expected to have a toll road which seems to be vital to the funding and a bike lane. The proposal also includes a potential light rail line or at least a connection to the Metro link, so a person can ride by train from Victorville to Downtown LA. There has been planning’s and meetings and a great deal of discussion on this proposed project. It would at minimum increase land sales along its proposed route which is the far east side of Antelope Valley and also land on the far west side of San Bernardino County. Currently land in these areas sells for under $1000 an acre and even $300 per acre. Check out the proposed route and contact us if you looking for low price land in this area. An interactive map of the project and other information can be viewed at Post a Comment