Monday, August 17, 2015

Housing Tentative Tract Maps Denied and One Requesting Extension

The city of Lancaster is looking into an one year extension of a tentative tract map for zoned R-7000 at 60th West at J-8. It is a 12.6 acre lot and the proposal is to build 49 homes on the site. The tentative tract map applicant Royal Investors Group is requesting a one year extension. This group is not a home builder but a map builder, so it is not likely that any homes will be on this site anytime soon. United Engineering groups tentative tract map at 30th East at Ave K was approved to deny the request for a one year extension based on lack of findings in the staff report. This subdivision was set to be on 26 acres with a proposal to build 45 single family homes on the site. It is currently zoned R-10,000 or one house per 10,000 square feet. So no money or interest in building new homes hear. This is on top of the report today that the National Association of Home Builders index rose 1 point to 61, its highest level since November 2005. The builders or the map builders have been planning for housing development in Lancaster, but not anytime soon or at least for these two mappers. We have reported housing development about a year ago, but it looks to be still over the horizon for some builders.

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