Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Several Multiple Housing Tract Maps recently approved and extended in Lancaster

A recent planning commission meeting extended tentative tract map approval for a couple of investment firms. 64 acres at 80th West and Ave L was approved for a 60 day extension. The subdivion is for 204 homes zoned R-10,000. There was another 42 acre plot approved for a 60 day extension 40th Street West at H-8. This is approving 156 homes of R-7000 zoning. Another firm was approved for 66 home on R-10,000 zoning at 35th Street West at K-4. The same firm is getting another 39 home approved near this parcel. Another 40 acre parcel at 15th East at H-8 was approved for a 60 day extension on 151 homes also zoned R-7000. These extensions are currently only approving the tract map, so building doesn’t appear to be around the corner, but it looks positive that these firms are moving their plans forward for future housing development. It these all move forward then that is at least 550 new homes on the horizon. This will certainly put a dent in housing inventory. Stay tuned for future updates on these new developments.

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