Monday, April 4, 2016

Notice of Violation and What it Means to Vacant Land Parcels

Many property owners over the years and especially in the 80’s received a Notice of Violation. This is a notice from LA County Regional Planning that a parcel was subdivided improperly. Typically properties that have a dotted or dashed line around them have a notice of will get one. According to LA Regional Planning FAQ: If my parcel is represented by a dashed line on an Assessor’s Map Book Page, does that mean that my parcel does not have a certificate of compliance? Such a dashed line only indicates that the parcel was not created by parcel map, tract map or parcel map. It may have been created by parcel map waiver or by deed, and it may have already received a certificate of compliance. The only way to be sure whether or not a certificate of compliance has already been issued for such a parcel, is to do a preliminary title search-i.e. ask a title company to determine that for you. Alternatively, you could apply for a certificate of compliance and the Department will do such a search for you; however, if a previous C of C is uncovered, the Department will keep $453.00 of your filing fee, with return of the balance of your application to you. If you have dashed lines on your parcel plat map, but your parcel has not received a notice of violation then when you sell the parcel your parcel then you will not have to do anything. Most buyers will require a property owner to get a COC to satisfy a Notice of Violation, but if non Notice was ever filed then a property owner will not need to get a a COC. A Certificate of Compliance (COC) costs $1755 plus $171 Fire Referral. Most COC’s are not charged the additional $483 fee. If a property owner wishes to develop a parcel and it has dashed lines, but no Notice of Violation. Then LA Regional Planning will likely require the property owner to get a COC before they develop the property. WHY IS THE COUNTY SO CONCERNED ABOUT MY “ILLEGAL” PARCEL? State law requires that Los Angeles County, along with other counties and cities, regulate and control the subdivision of land. In this way streets, drainage, sewage disposal, fire access and other factors associated with good subdivision planning can be provided fo HOW DO I APPLY FOR A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE? Forms and instructions are at our Los Angeles office and in our field offices. They may also be downloaded from the Planning Department website: http// Applications submitted through the mail cannot be accepted. All applications must be submitted at our Los Angeles office or one of our field offices. There is a fee. For additional information or questions, please contact them directly. You can also see

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