Thursday, May 5, 2016

Clean Energy Firm SunEdison files for Bankruptcy

SunEdison is a solar and wind company that was worth almost $10 billion less than a year ago. It has a mountain of debt to deal with. It has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in the hopes to keep it afloat. It has $300 million in new financing to continue current projects, pay wages and keep things afloat. Recently its stock SUNE was at $33 a share but it has dropped under 30 cents a share. The company had made some solar plans in the Antelope Valley, but they have done more solar and wind in South Korea and Germany. They also have two subsidiaries TerraForm Power and Terra Global with inroads in Brazil, India and China. The bankruptcy doesn’t involve these two spinoffs. There have been other solar energy bankruptcies and one a few years ago in the Antelope Valley on the far-east side in High Vista Area. First Solar operates several solar farms in Antelope Valley and it is publically traded, but a number of other solar firms are private enterprises.

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