Thursday, September 22, 2016

Several New Applicant Proposals were recently submitted for Single Family Homes in Lancaster Recently Reviewed.

A Tentative Tract Map has been proposed on 73 acres at the southwest corner of 52nd Street West and Avenue K-8 Request: It is a proposed subdivision of 238 single family lots on R-7000 zoned land. There will be 128 lots within the R-7,000 Zone, 89 lots within the R-10,000 Zone, and 21 lots within the R-15,000 Zone. There is another Tentative Parcel Map for a property west of 55th Street West. The property owners are requesting the subdivision for the property east of 55th Street West into two parcels. The parcel owners wish to create a tract map and then sell the parcels to a developer. Further there is a proposal for 30 gross acres located on the northeast corner of Lancaster Blvd and 37th Street East. The request is for a subdivision of 129 single-family lots in the R-7,000 and R-10,000 Zones Also another 15 acres located on the southeast corner of Avenue K and future 57th Street West by the same firm. The request is for a subdivision of 58 single-family lots in the R-7,000 Zone. Additionally, another 28 acres located on the northwest corner of future 35th Street East and Avenue J into a subdivision of 114 single-family lots of R-7,000 Zoned lots.

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