Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Solar Wind is Creating Green Energy Land Investment Opportunities in Los Angeles County

There has been much talk in the news media and the Obama Administration regarding cap and trade, and global warming solutions. You may ask where this green energy momentum will take root. Well we see some indications in California which has been leading the way in the US regarding going green. We have noticed there has been growing development in Antelope Valley with Wind and Solar technologies. E-solar has acquired $130 million in funding from and Oak Investment Partners and they have signed a power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison Power to build a 245 megawatts solar plant in the Antelope Valley region of Los Angeles County. There will be a series of fully operational plants which will begin production in 2011, and targeted operational by 2012 according to news sources. There have also been large purchases of land in several parts of the Antelope Valley by Solar energy companies over the past year. It is either an E-solar subsidiary or a solar competitor. In addition, Luz Solar Partners has a fully operational solar plant at Kramer Junction near Hwy 58 and Hwy 395 in San Bernardino County for several years now.

If you drive through Tehachapi, California in Northern Antelope Valley you will see many Wind Turbines taking advantage of the heavy winds through the grape vine and Antelope Valley. Lance Dorman of said, “This area is slowly and quietly becoming fertile ground for green energy solutions”. We spoke to a recent land buyer who purchased land in Kern County and a Wind Energy Company approached them within months to lease their land to install their turbine towers, Dorman said.

These are real time Land banking opportunities taking place right now in Lancaster and Palmdale California and the growth appears to be just beginning. Real Estate is at market lows, and the push for the nation and globe to go green is in its infancy. Many property owners purchase land in the Antelope Valley a number of years ago if not decades ago, and they are reaping rewards today. If this area continues to be ground zero for green energy technologies then the Land banking turnaround could be much shorter.

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