Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where Is The Real Discount Land For Sale?

Many of our readers and prospective clients have searched on the Internet for discount land. This is easier typed then done. There are a number of vacant land dealers which can be found on a simple Internet search, but who is getting the deal? A number of these land promoters are implying that their parcels are dicounted, but after review we found different results.

We found high prices in our comparison. We looked at three land sites in Lancaster and Palmdale Ca. Two very similar parcels at 190th East at J. The website is promoting a 2.31 acre property for $39,900, while promotes a 2.31 acre property next door at 190th East at I-14 for $18,500. Half price for the same property, wow. Another example is where is promoting a 2.5 acre property at 65th West at H-8 in Lancaster for $110,000, while is promoting a similar 5 acre parcel at 62nd West at F-4 for $110,000. That's twice the parcel for the same price. Vacantlanddeals clearly has the discounted land here, and they do promote their prices as ten to twenty percent below the retail market. These are just a couple of examples, but it shows there are drastic differences in pricing on online sites.

Buyers need to do their due diligence on properties before they buy. If there is a property you desire then there may be a similar property elsewhere for a better price. An informed buyer needs to be aware of the land prices to ensure they are getting a good price in an up or down market. They also should do their best to verify all the details regarding a properties zoning, access, title issues, and location to services. We hope to help in this matter by continually informing buyers of opportunities and information that we feel you need to know.

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