Sunday, October 18, 2009

City Of Lancaster to Annex 7000 Acres of Los Angeles County Land

Currently L A County owned land is the target area for the City of Lancaster. The seven thousand acres of land is situated north of the city limits of Lancaster. The new area would border from West to East Hwy 14 to 20th Street East and from South to North from Avenues G and H to Avenue E. Mayor Rex Parris indicated that the land within the current city limits are becoming more developed, so now is the opportunity to continue the city’s growth by incorporating new land into the city.

According to city staff at the city council meeting this past summer the annexation is a twofold benefit. Firstly, it will allow the city to better manage their Waste Management. Currently the landfill lies outside the city limits so this will enable the city to better manage their waste resources. The area will also allow space for current and future solar energy plants. This unincorporated area is mainly flat topography which creates uncontained rain water to be wasted. The proposal enables the city to improve drainage, prevent flooding, and collect the water for recyclable usage. It in turn creates solar energy production interests to work together within the city limits and offer solar and alternative energy solutions for Lancaster.

E-solar could be a main benefactor of the plan, since they require water resources to be heated by their panels, which then produces the electric power. It is a green win win solution since the city will be able to trap the currently uncontained water and provide alternative energy for residents. The city of Lancaster is currently planning a similar project called the Recycle Recharge Project at 60th Street at F in cooperation with E-Solar.
This project will recycle rainwater throughout the city and provide recycled water for E-Solar and residents while the remainder will be recharged through natural aquifers in the area.

The annexation process will need to get environmental impact approval, and then if the city council approves the project then the proposal goes to the County’s Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). LAFCO will evaluate the proposal, review it with residents and decide if it is within the best interest of the area concerned. This process may take six to nine month’s.

The annexation is a major boost for land investors, since you can buy land now at lower prices and benefit with new zoning changes from county agriculture land to industrial and commercial zoning and development of the area. The opportunity provides inside information to get involved in a lower risk speculative land investment. We are taking advantage of the opportunity this annexation projects, and we urge savvy investors to do likewise.

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