Saturday, October 3, 2009

Green Acres is Centennial Developments High Desert Plan

Centennial Development is a planned self sustained new development on Tejon Ranch, which is situated at 300th West at Hwy 138 Ave D in western Antelope Valley. Tejon Ranch will preserve 240,000 acres of their ranch in an agreement with environmental groups this past May. In exchange these environmentalists will not stand in the way of Centennials planned development of up to 20,000 homes in the designated area.

The development is planned with a green theme. Centennials news release indicates there will be 8600 acres set aside just for open space, and their compact village centers will accommodate mix use development of commercial, single family residential, apartments with a green homogeneous environment. Residents will be within a half mile of neighborhood parks, and town centers. They will be designed to accommodate bicycles and cars, with a transit system to enable access to LA County mass transit. It is sort of the anti LA. Los Angeles County present design since 1950 has been no design and no mass transit at all. If you don’t have a car you simply can’t live. The result is traffic congestion smog, and very few parks.

Centennial anticipates better energy conservation in their homes with lower water consumption and watershed management. The homes and buildings will be designed with better lighting features for efficient energy consumption. They plan to use recycled water for landscaping and designated recycling areas for residential and commercial disposable materials. This will also reduce home and building monthly expenses. It will be built over 20 years to take advantage of new technologies over time. The overall plan includes its own police and fire departments, schools, markets, with a specific plan for the essentially green gated community.

This is a far better and different plan then current developer’s who buy the land, create a tentative tract map, build and sell the homes and move onto the next target. This new green designed Centennial community could be an example for the future developers as a conscientious plan and a self sustained environment with less impact on the current and future terrain. It should also highlight and increase the value of property in the surrounding area on Antelope Valley’s far west side.

We have and can locate vacant land opportunities in Lancaster and Palmdale California in the pre-development phases as a low cost investment. Investors can take advantage now and buy land and wait to receive increased property value in the post-development phase.

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