Saturday, February 20, 2010

City Of Lancaster Proposing New Zoning Changes As Part of the 2030 General Plan

The City of Lancaster has proposed zoning changes throughout the city limits. Some target areas will be the area south of Avenue G to H which has been proposed to be heavy industrial and it will run from Hwy 14 east to Division and then it will run south of H along Sierra Hwy to Ave I. There will also be almost a square mile of light industrial from Hwy 14 west to 20th West from H to I. They also target great deal of light and heavy industrial from Hwy 14 east to Challenger within avenues L to M. The industrial zoning changes are designed for Solar and Wind Energy firms to entice them to locate within the city of Lancaster. There will also be more R-7000 and R-10,000 residential from Ave I south and Hwy 14 to 70th Street West. A good amount of this area has been RR 2.5 only allowing 1 home per 2 acres, but with R-7000 zoning developers can build track homes of one house per 7000 square feet. In addition, the land surrounding the County Jail and Hospital at West Ave I and J will be virtually surrounded by light industrial zoning and commercial at 50th W at J.

This new zoning draft review took place Feb. 16th at the Lancaster Planning Commission meeting. It is part of the City of Lancaster 2030 General Plan. Another part of the proposal is for mixed used (MU) zoning adopted as part of the overall plan. A large portion of this proposed mixed use will be from 20th to 35th West and from H to I. The public will be allowed to review the draft proposal and the earliest the mixed use zoning can be adopted would be April of this year.
These proposed changes can really change the value of land especially land that is changed from RR 2.5 to R-7000 or R-10,000.
The City of Lancaster seems to be progressive and aggressively toward business growth, which can produce a vibrant economy for the cities future.
We will keep you updated as the plans progress, so stay tuned to our reports.

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