Saturday, March 6, 2010

Los Angeles County Lands Best Renewable Sustainable Project with a Patented Solar Complex built on Pre-Developed Industrial Land

Power Engineering magazine announced this past December the selection of E-Solar’s Sierra SunTower facility as the winner of "Best Renewable and Sustainable Project" at the 2009 Projects of the Year Awards. This is an annual award where Power Engineering magazine recognizes the world's best projects in the four major categories, gas-fired, coal-fired, nuclear and renewable. The new solar power facility is the first of its kind in California.

E-Solar unveiled Sierra SunTower, which is their 5 MW commercial-scale solar power plant, in August 2009. It is located just 60 miles north of downtown Los Angeles in Lancaster California. The solar complex runs along Avenue G in the northern part of the city. This renewable energy facility captures the suns energy to produce super-heated steam with an average operating temperature of 800°F at a pressure of 900 psi, which it delivers through a turbine generator to Southern California Edison. Their patented technology uses Pre-fabricated modular units that are scalable to fit smaller or larger parcels of land to suit their power client’s requirements. This project was developed on a small parcel of land close to existing transmission lines, and it is the first of several planned in Antelope Valley, California.

This is one part of the City of Lancaster’s 2030 General Plan to create fertile ground for renewable energy projects. The planning department has approved of thousands of additional acres of heavy and light industrial land as a target area for these types of projects. They plan to further expand this area by amending the zoning to absorb rural residential and agricultural zoned land for heavy industrial use. This would be the largest expansion of Los Angeles County land into city zoning in decades. It is also one of the best means for a land investor to get a rapid return on their investment.

It is paramount for land investors and land bankers to buy land near developing areas such as Lancaster and Palmdale California. The closer you are to development the more likely development will reach your parcel. In many cases the initial investment can be more, but the return on investment could be shorter term. We have spoken to vacant land owners who purchased remote desert land far from development and they are unfortunately still holding decades after their initial investment. Don’t let it happen to you, as the real estate slogan goes location, location, location also applies to pre-developed land.

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