Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buying Low and Selling High in the California Land Market

Our headline is common knowledge on how to be profitable in any trading business from stocks, bonds, real estate and even pawn shops. We think it is not common enough in real estate. The recently burst real estate bubble was the highest percentage wise drop in value the last twenty years. Nobody knows where the top or the bottom of any market will be, but the clear signs are when demand outstrips supply. Essentially when it is a sellers market it is not conducive for long term profits for the buyer, especially when there are ten or more offers on the same property. We recall back in 2006 when one fairly modest home had thirty offers within the first week. Housing wasn’t necessarily scarce, but loans were too abundant. It is easy to see the bubble after it pops, but how can you buy at the lower end of the market? When it is the right time to buy? Most people shop for consumer goods when there is a sale. The merchant has too much inventory and they need to make room for new products. You can look at it the same way in buying land or a home.

Ideal ways to buy low priced California land is via a probate sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or even short sales. Many of these types of sales are found on the MLS (multiple listing services) as it is the main way for lenders, banks, courts, lawyers and brokers to broadly promote the property. By law government agencies and licensed professionals must market property to the widest public. You can also locate these court filings at your local court house. They are all within the public record. It will take some research and time, but it can be fruitful. The time and effort to research and buy at these court ordered sales maybe too time consuming, so you can look for firms that resell these properties. We at vacantlanddeals.com also buy land via probate and bankruptcy sales. We buy as low as possible, and resell at low retail costs. We currently have a number of properties that are priced at the low end of the market on our website www.vacantlanddeals.com The land prices today are some of the lowest prices in the last fifteen years. Real Estate is very cyclical, so be prudent and buy at the low end of the cycle.

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