Sunday, October 2, 2011

US Topco Energy Inc. of Taiwan Furthers Solar Relationship with the City of Lancaster

The city of Lancaster press release earlier this summer regarding the Topco partnership where Mayor R. Rex Parris remarked “Great partnerships such as these are vital as Lancaster strives to further our goal of becoming the solar energy capital of the world.”

According the city of Lancaster press releases and AVPress earlier this year, Lancaster residents consume an estimated 200 million kilowatt-hours of electrical power a year. City Council members approved an original memorandum of understanding with TopCo Energy for a photovoltaic solar power plant on April 12. That original agreement was aimed at developing one or more photovoltaic solar power plants "capable of generating at least 50 megawatts of electrical power," city officials reported.
The amended agreement signed in July increases the size from 50 megawatts "to a total aggregate of up to 200 megawatts of electrical power." The goal of Lancaster is to become a net-zero energy city, so partnerships like this with Topco will further enable that goal. Through agreements like this the city of Lancaster will generate more power than they need and so can resell excess power to Southern California Edison for regional consumption.

According to Us Topco Energy Inc. website they produce a line of service that includes the planning and establishment of solar power plants ranging from 500kW to 50mW to various new and retrofit commercial and residential constructions. Topco is at least one of twelve solar companies that are using the power of the sun in Lancaster and Antelope Valley to establish solar facilities for the production of energy for the region and state.

In our opinion this is all good news to the land investor as the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale will not only grow with urban growth with the continual population explosion in this region. They can also continue to grow economically with the power of the sun and wind in the region. The city of Lancaster should be commended for taking advantage of new solar technology and the large amount of vacant land and open space. Investors should take advantage of this growth and invest in Antelope Valley land as its future is on the rise, while the stock market is on the wane. Contact today and invest if low risk land banking.

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