Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Invest in California Land as a College Fund for your Child or Grandchild

College costs have been increasing dramatically over the past few years with no long term change in site. California has proposition 30 which is a tax hike for California Schools. The proposition is losing in recent polls, so if it fails then the State will have to make further cuts to the education budget. The cuts will be in the billions and will affect all levels of education. An alternative is to invest wisely in real estate like California land. The Antelope Valley is an area of an abundance of available raw land. It is approximately 60 miles or one hour from downtown Los Angeles. Land prices fluctuate over time, but they are at their lows currently. You can buy land in this area for as low as $5000 to $10,000 or more, but with an 8 to 10 year horizon land banking is a low risk investment. If you invested in a parcel of land for say $30,000 at the current low end of the market this should create a viable return in 8 to 10 years. Land and real estate fluctuates in price over a 5 to 10 years timeframe. A parcel bought wisely today should show a 25 to 100% increase in 5 to 10 years as development and the area economy grows. This is what Antelope Valley has done consistently over the past several decades. Fortunes have been made buying low and selling higher in Antelope Valley. We can help you buy an ideal parcel of land based on your budget that has a positive outlook for the future based on it’s current location to city services, such as a paved road, power and proximity to development. So a $30,000 investment with a potential 100% return will more then pay for several years of college for your child. Land is also an inflation hedge as it is increases in value with inflation. It has been recommended by hedge fund managers and the bond king Bill Gross of Pimco that real assets like real estate is a great hedge against a possible future recession or economic slow down. Land is a secure way to plan for the future either as a hedge against economic times or an ideal investment for your child’s future education. Contact us and we can show you how it is done.

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