Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lancaster is Planning Around the Metro-link Station for the Cal High Speed Rail

The City of Lancaster is currently creating a plan to revitalize of the area surrounding the Lancaster Metrolink Station. The funds were provided by a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). The target area to be revitalized is between Sierra Hwy and Division and Lancaster Blvd to Ave J. The regional planning meetings have outlined what they hope to achieve. They look to extend the success of Lancaster Boulevard (The BLVD) to the east side of the railroad tracks, transforming the STVPA into a mixed-use urban neighborhood, well connected to the Downtown area. Use the Metrolink station more as a pedestrian-oriented, multi-modal, urban transit facility at the hub of the Downtown area and the STVPA. They plan to create better pedestrian, bicycle, and bus connections to the Metrolink Station from both sides of the railroad tracks, in addition to convenient access by car. They also plan to make us of the station area for mixed-use zoning that provides transit-convenient housing, employment, and retail uses that complement those on Lancaster Blvd. Mixed Use allows multiple level building of retail at ground level and residential. They also eventually plan to accommodate the California Highs Speed Rail Alignment when and if it passes through Downtown. Does this mean planning knows the direct route of the High Speed Rail through the area? The plans that we have seen are more general and don’t show an exact route. In either case the area around the Metro should see some upgrades and revitalization.

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