Thursday, November 5, 2015

Northrop Grumman’s New Bomber Gets Budget Approval, Good News for Palmdale

The Air Force said indicated it chose Northrop Grumman Corp., maker of the B-2 stealth bomber which was previously built in Palmdale Ca. Now Northrop Grumman will to build the next-generation bomber, which is highly classified. The cost is projected to be $80 billion to replace the aging bomber fleet. It may also be able to fly without a pilot aboard. It is a bid announcement for the Pentagon as they are planning to modernize their nuclear force, submarines, and long range bombers which is dubbed the B-3. The total budget is $348 billion over 10 years and other says it will be $1 Trillion in 30 years. Previously, Northrop Grumman said it could create 1,500 new jobs in Palmdale under the bomber contract. These new jobs should move the needle in the Palmdale housing market as new high tech engineers will be needed for this project as well as hundreds of admin support staff.

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