Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Los Angeles County Approved Plan Centennial Plan but Little Development

Tejon Ranch Co.which is traded on the New York Stock Exchanged (NYSE:TRC) reported last year that the Centennial Development plan was approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, by a 4-0 vote. The meeting last year was a full house in Lancaster with standing room only and at least 50 people expressing their opinions. Almost immediately after the discourse the Board of Supervisors approved the plan unanimously. The centennial plan will initially encompass 23,000 homes over time with their own fire department, medical services and environmentally friendly community. On paper it looks great and will look to be a real nice place to live as it will include hiking trails and involve a great view of the mountains just east of the grapevine. This Tejon Ranch Co.'s master planned community called Centennial is included in the Antelope Valley Area Plan as part of the Economic Opportunity Area where future development would be directed for Los Angeles County. If you have been to LA County it looks like most of LA was poorly planned to begin with. This plan appears to have promise, but no development or digging has taken place just yet. Tejon Ranch Co. has three plans according to their website. One being Centennial, another is called Grapevine and the third is Tejon Mountain Development. Grapevine will be located at the base of the foothills in the San Joaquin Valley portion of the ranch near the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center. This is near the huge IKEA warehouse. They intend to have a large community as part of the overall plan. The Tejon Mountain Village will be a community of homes largely undisturbed by mankind and it looks to be a small set up of nice homes overlooking the mountain range with access to Hwy 5 not far away, or just an hour from LA central. The website says Tejon Mountain Village will be a new conservation based retreat designed to live in harmony with nature, and continue the legacy of this storied place for future generations. Well there has been a lot of talk and discourse, but if it is all approved then lets get this nice new communities started. This can only improve the western part of Antelope Valley.

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