Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Centennial Development Forms Agreement with Local School District

Centennial Founders have formed an agreement with the Gorman School District.
Centennial development is planning a self reliant community on the far-west side of Antelope Valley neat 300th street West, and just a few miles east of the community of Gorman. The development is proposed to include up to 20,000 homes, a business district, medical facilities, as well as, cultural recreation services and schools. The agreement with the Gorman School District goes a long way to create this oasis in the valley. Centennial Development will be situated about thirty miles west of Lancaster, Ca. and just east of Hwy 5 with easy access to Burbank and Los Angeles and Bakersfield in Kern County. It is a privately funded self supported community with a specific plan for growth, and housing. Their master plan will include single family homes, condominiums, town homes and thousands of rental properties.

The agreement with the school district, according to their recent press release will include $233 million in investment to complete the educational facilities for Kindergarten through 8th grade. This master plan for the initial school is set to be completed by 2013. Centennial already has an agreement with Antelope Valley Union High School District to provide two high schools with an estimate cost of $254 million.

This private development appears to be on track, and it will positively transform the area near Gorman. This area is primarily vacant unused land or farmland situated at the border with Kern County, and overlooking the San Gabriel Mountains. There is access via Hwy 138 which runs from Hwy 5 east to Lancaster and Palmdale. Los Angeles County’s future growth will be in Antelope Valley, as this remains the most abundant available undeveloped land in the county. The plan by Centennial has already been approved by the county and by an earlier agreement with environmentalist. We will keep you informed with this development and other positive developments for Antelope Valley’s growth.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

City of Lancaster and Solar Company in joint agreement to develop Recycle Recharge Station in Fox Field Industrial Corridor

The Antelope Valley Press recently reported an agreement with the City Council of Lancaster and E-Solar, a producer of modular solar thermal power plants. The plan is to develop a means to recycle city water, which E-Solar uses for cooling their solar towers. E-Solar has plans to develop a prototype plant in the city of Lancaster, and a larger one on county land on the far west side near Neenach. Press reports indicate that under the terms of the agreement E-Solar will support some major expenses on behalf of the city.
The company will forward $500k to the design and environmental impact documents for the Lancaster Recycled Water Recharge Pilot Project, at 60th Street West and Avenue F. They will also contribute up to $1.5 million for construction of a pump and for extending the existing pipelines. This pipeline will provide recycled water service for the city. Los Angeles County owns one hundred acres in Fox Field at 60th West at Ave F to F-4 which is the target area for development. The recycled water will be treated to a high degree of cleansing called tertiary treatment which will then be used to recharge the aquifer beneath the Antelope Valley for nature’s further purification. E-Solar will be instrumental in design and construction of the transmission pipelines and a pumping station which will then be dedicated to the city once completed.
The agreement has been initially approved by the city council and Mayor Parris. The Mayor indicated agreements and permits have been achieved to initiate the process.
E-Solar has a pilot solar power plant in Lancaster at Avenue G and Division Street and it is expected to go online this year. In addition, they are proposing to build a larger plant in Antelope Valley that will rival the energy output of Hoover Dam.
Solar companies have selected Antelope Valley recently due to a willing City like Lancaster, and available low priced land that has been primarily vacant near the metropolis of Los Angeles County. The solar growth is in line with the State of California's mandate to produce 33% of power from non-fossil fuel sources.
Vacantlanddeals owns a property for sale which may be part of or at minimum next to this proposed water recycling and irrigation area. Our parcel is 5 acres at 62nd West at Ave F-4, just south of the 100 acres owned by Los Angeles County. This property is for sale at the lowest price range of Fox Field, and it is clearly in the path of near term development. Contact us for more details on this industrial zone parcel, or other properties we have.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Solar LA

There have been various news reports and press releases regarding an expansion of Solar Energy production in the Southwest and primarily in Los Angeles County. The Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa in his recent State of LA speech called
The “Solar L.A.” plan “a commitment to Angelenos that the Department of Water and Power will install over 1200 megawatts of solar power over the next five years, ensuring that we become a solar powerhouse.”

Simultaneously, Reuters reported that the U.S. Interior Department this past Monday designated about 670,000 acres of land as potential areas for solar energy production.
"This environmentally sensitive plan will identify appropriate Interior-managed lands that have excellent solar energy potential and limited conflicts with wildlife, other natural resources or land users," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said.

The land is divided into 24 solar energy zones spread across six western states and could generate nearly 100,000 megawatts of solar electricity. The department will evaluate the possible environmental impacts of solar production in these areas as well as their energy resources. This energy zone will encompass the States of Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California and New Mexico.

Pasadena Based E-solar announced earlier this week that they have a Solar Project which is projected to produce 192 gigawatt hours of electricity yearly in an agreement with PG&E and NRG Energy's subsidiary AlpineSunTower. Their project will be near Lancaster, California and it is projected to handle the consumption of thirty thousand homes. The plant is scheduled for completion in 2012 according to E-Solar’s website.

In an earlier release, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a twenty year contract between Rosemead based Edison and E-Solar Inc. late last year. The agreement calls for Edison to purchase up to 245 megawatts of electricity from solar power plants built by E-Solar in the northern Antelope Valley.

The power plants will use mirrors to focus sunlight on towers containing water. The water is heated and turned into steam, which powers turbines and generates electricity. These solar power plants are set to come online in early 2012.

There is a significant amount of Wind Energy being produced in the Antelope Valley currently, and now a number of Solar Energy producers are breaking ground in Lancaster and Mojave Ca. Many of these Solar Power companies have been buying land outside Lancaster and Palmdale, Ca. turning this area into a potential thriving Green Energy Zone. This news bodes well for the future economy of Antelope Valley, and for current and future land owners. Stay tuned here for more news on this green energy front.