Thursday, May 17, 2018

High Desert Corridor Freeway Approved? Time to Buy Land along the Route

The high desert corridor freeway is set to connect from Sierra Hwy and then east to Interstate 15 in Adelanto San Bernardino County. The highway will essentially run by the Cal High Speed Rail Palmdale terminal and run along Ave P-8 in Palmdale. It runs along P-8 and makes a turn north of Sun Village then is will drop down south of Lake Los Angeles and run along Q-10 to Q-12 which are just south of Palmdale Blvd. It will run for miles east to Adelanto and Interstate 15 which connects to Las Vegas. The news about this toll road has been coming down the pike for several years, but now it look like it will actually happen. This will happen long before the Cal High Speed rail arrives in Palmdale. Buying land along this route looks to be a real steal as land along P-8 in Palmdale in mostly industrial land and we can acquire it for a low cost. Also land south of Lake LA going east is very cheap in today’s market. This maybe a time to buy the east side of Antelope Valley and hold for a short term price increase. Contact us at if you interested in buying along this corridor. The future is now and eastern Antelope Valley maybe a buying opportunity at low prices.