Friday, April 3, 2015

Rail Versus Kit Fox

Environmentalists say the $68 Billion rail maybe unended by the Kit Fox? There are lots of animals in this trains path. Kit Fox today burrowing Owl tomorrow. The Fresno Bee reported that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service say the California Higher-Speed Rail Authority and Federal Railroad Administration are out of compliance with environmental commitments for creating the bullet-train line in the Fresno-Madera area. The contractor Tutor Perini Zachry Parsons which sounds more like a law firm infringed on the Kit Fox’s habitat. The Kit Fox is an endangered species since 67. Biologist say the Kit Fox den was not active last summer, so the Fox didn’t product kits. The Kits Fox is a very small animal about the size of a cat. What do Californians love more than Global Warming, no I mean Climate Change is an Endangered species. We are will the fox on this one as the project has been a bad idea since the beginning. Way too expensive and way too unnecessary. The Hyper Loop looks to be the way to go if you need long haul transports. Stay tuned for more on this issue in coming months.