Monday, February 1, 2016

SpaceX has Awarded MIT Team The design Contest for the Hyperloop

The Hyperloop is progressing. In this case it is Elon Musk's SpaceX financed Loop.The MIT grad students won out against a 100 other teams. This design will go into a proto-type in Hawthorne California. The proposed system would use pods traveling in tubes in a vacuum at 750 MPH from Houston to Dallas, or San Francisco to LA. The design is an elevated design above the ground and MIT design has been reported as using magnets. There are now several plans in place and all designed in the US. We will see which one or many work out. This certainly competes with a high speed rail in California which will cost billions. We are still unsure if the Hyperloop is really feasible as it will take a person at 750MPH. Some design include carrying vehicles. Hyperloop people say a person will not realize they are going 750 MPH, but how can it turn? Critics say a person can handle a change even gradual turns or rising and falling without getting sick. If that is the case then a Hyperloop would have to be at the same level from San Francisco to LA. It just seems impossible to be at say 50 feet up all the way since California is not flat. We will see where this goes.