Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Several Tentative Tract Maps were Approved or Extended for Multi-Family Residential in Lancaster

42nd Street and Ave H was approved on 20 acres to build 115 single family homes. The zoning is MDR (Moderate Density Residential) which allows 1-30 units per acre such as apartments or condos. This plan is for a Residential Planned Community of 115 single-family lots with one common lot for open space and recreation facilities in the MDR and R-7,000 Zones Recommendation a time extension was given to move the tentative tract map along. Two other approvals were granted on 15.1± gross acres located on the northwest corner of future 55th Street West and future Avenue K-14 Request: This is for a subdivision of 58 single-family lots in the R-7,000 Zone Recommendation. There was a one year extension granted. The same applicant requested and extension on 12.66 acres of R-7000 zoned land for 41 single family united. At 35th Street West at J. Two smaller developments were moved forward on 1.71 acres at 52nd West at J-8. This is for 8 single family units. A follow up meeting is set for July. Another 5 acres at 32nd West at M-4 was granted a one year extension for 9 single family lots on SRR zoned land. SRR is semi-rural residential 1-2 units per 1 acre. There is some housing planned for Lancaster. Not huge 40 or 160 acre parcels but things are progressing in the growth phase.

Friday, July 1, 2016

City Of Lancaster Approved CUP (Conditional Use Permit) for Solar Power Site

This is likely not a surprise for many but recently Lancaster Planning Commission approved 89± gross acres generally bounded by Avenue I-4, Avenue J, 102nd Street West, and 105th Street West to construct a 10-megawatt photovoltaic solar generating facility on the RR-2.5 (Rural Residential 2.5) Zoned land. The subject location is designated NU (Non-Urban Residential) by the General Plan, zoned RR-2.5 (Rural Residential, minimum lot size 2.5 acres). The City of Lancaster has determined that the development and use of alternative energy is beneficial to the community, and this determination is evident in the decisions made by the City Council. This is one of many alternative energy sites the City Council has implemented. There are several solar and wind energy programs installed on City facilities, and has become a provider of solar generated electricity to local school districts and other entities. Additionally, the City’s General Plan has several objectives and policies pertaining to alternative energy. These objectives address the need to develop new sources of energy, as well as reduce energy consumption. The proposed project is consistent with the City’s goals as addressed in Policy 3.6.6, which is to Consider and promote the use of alternative energy, such as this one. The solar company is Sustainable power sPower LLC