Monday, October 22, 2018

San Bernardino County Marijuana Cultivation Areas and Land Sales

Recently the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) and deputies from the Victorville Police Department served a search warrant at a residence in Victorville after learning about illegal narcotic activity occurring. The Investigators found over 1,400 marijuana plants within an indoor residential operation. The seizure included over 30 pounds of processed marijuana. It was an elaborate operation which included advanced lighting, air conditioning, fans, exhaust blowers and an air-filtering system to control the climate and odor of marijuana inside the home. The operation has likely been operating for several months. California’s marijuana law MAUCRSA, came into effect January 1st. The City of Victorville has an ordinance prohibiting Commercial Cannabis Activity which includes growing more than six marijuana plants at a residence. Generally, large marijuana grow operations require local and state licensing and are not permitted in a residential zone. The Sheriff department indicated that no licenses had been issued to the tenants or property owners. The suspect(s) will face criminal charges for the illegal Cultivation of Cannabis; over 6 plants, Sales/Transportation of Cannabis and Vandalism to Property. The cultivation zone in San Bernardino County is wide ranging and includes much or the city of Adelanto. Most of this area has been unused land, but the new marijuana laws spurned growth and many land owners who had held onto their land for some time has sold at escalating prices. Overall the cultivation market appears to have topped out as the expectations of sellers do not match with the availability of capital for the market. There appears to be interest in land purchases, but at the lower price ranges.

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